Linking To Other Pages

When you edit a web page, you can link to other pages in a few ways.

1. Click the location where you want to add a link and select the page from the drop down box at the top of the editor:

This will place a specially formatted link on the page:

It consists of the page's document ID reference number together wither the page's title, "Blog" above. You can chane this title if you want, but do not change the Document ID reference.

2. You can also add links to the selected text in a page. Just highlight the desired content, and use the page link option to add a link to the text. For example, to add a link to the text "click here" below:

highlight the text and then click the "Insert Link" icon on the tool bar:

This will open a dialog that displays all pages in your web site. Click the desired page and the highlighted text will be linked to the selected page.


Creating A Link That Directs The User To A Specific Page

You can manually create a link that directs the user to login and then redirects them to a specific page as follows:

Link Elements

/p = tells the system that the next parameter in the URL will be a document ID
xxxxxx = The document ID of your login page
redirect = Tells the system that when the user logs in, you want to redirect them to a specific page which will be the following  parameter
yyyyyy = This is the document ID of the page you wish to redirect the user to. You can also specify "current" and the system will redirect the user to the current page they are on.
title = This is simple a title for the link

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